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Duarte Highway - Parada
For sale: Service station (Parada) next to the highway, well prepared. Restaurant, kitchen, shops, recreation area ...

Dominican Republic: Best Golf Island of the Year

The Dominican Republic was recognized as the “Best Golf Island of the Year” and honored with the “Caribbean World Travel & Living Awards 2012? issued by Caribbean World Magazine.

Also recognized was the world-famous Casa de Campo resort, situated in the city of La Romana, on the country’s eastern region.

Casa de Campo was recognized for being the “Best Luxury Development of the Year.”...


Dreamlike villa where the sound of the waves is an attraction to you . . .
Lot: 3,834.00 m˛ = 6.11 tarea = 0.95 acre
Construction: 715m²

US$ 1,999,500

(approx. RD$ 75,981,000)


Lovely villa with 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, Pool and Whirlpool.
Lot: 1,950.00 m˛ = 3.11 tarea = 0.48 acre
Construction: 630m²

US$ 345,000

(approx. RD$ 13,110,000)


Staying in this villa is truly an exotic experience that you will carry with you wherever you are.
Lot: 5,015.00 m˛ = 7.99 tarea = 1.24 acre
Construction: 850m²

US$ 3,600,000

(approx. RD$ 136,800,000)


Apartment in a first-class closed community - with 5% Lease-back Benefits

US$ 180,000

(approx. RD$ 6,840,000)


Nice Home situated in a beautiful residential.
Lot: 9,435.00 m˛ = 15.02 tarea = 2.33 acre

US$ 340,000

(approx. RD$ 12,920,000)


This impressive villa with a construction area of 1000 sqm and a lot of 4,718.24 sqm located in a beautiful natural environment.
Lot: 4,718.00 m˛ = 7.51 tarea = 1.17 acre
Construction: 1000m²

US$ 1,750,000

(approx. RD$ 66,500,000)

La Vega - Dominican Republic
Movil: (+1)829-467-7717, (+1)809-224-6478